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Ever changing, experimenting, and growing as an artist. Pushing the limits of manipulating a solid structure into something fragile; allowing time, pressure, and chance an opportunity to alter the end design. 


When creating, it's about pushing the absolute limits of that specific piece of clay, at that specific time, and allowing for new forms to happen. Designing something delicate, structurally sound, and seemingly perfect. 

Before the firing process, I use the chip away method which involves sharp tools that puncture the clay, creating a unique texture and negative space within the piece. Each strike breaking it down, one chip at a time, not knowing how many punctures it can withstand: a 50/50 chance of survival. With this technique, I create elegant forms with added texture. 

Continually pushing the boundaries and creating something fragile and weathered, yet still seemingly perfect. 


HE collection of pieces I have been working on for the last seven years incorporates a technique I call "chip away".




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